A Word From the Inayatiyya Board

The North American Board of Trustees is very pleased to see the launch of the Pir Vilayat Digital Archive! Making Pir Vilayat’s teachings of awakening in life accessible has been a dream and a desire for decades. In 2022, we approved what we call an Adaptive Plan—similar to a Strategic Plan yet reviewed and adapted each year. The Pir Vilayat Archive Project clearly falls within the plan’s #1 priority called “Sharing our Teachings."

One of the goals under this priority is to “provide a container for the preservation and distribution of Pir Vilayat’s teachings and work.” The Pir Vilayat Archive Project is this container.

Grounded by the amazing passion and energy of many, many dedicated volunteers, we kicked off the Pir Vilayat Archive Project in June 2023 with a special fundraiser and extra support from the Astana’s core staff. Thanks are due to everyone who has held the light of this possibility and worked to bring it to manifestation. We are all blessed!

Over the past year, we engaged technical experts and as of this year Avi as Project Manager.  Our team has developed a multi-lingual online archive system that aims to preserve, catalog, and disseminate source material as close to its original quality and delivery as possible. We made a pledge to launch with an initial set of 88 recordings to celebrate Pir Vilayat’s age when he passed on June 17th, 2004. We have completed our goal and the archive is now ready to be explored! May these teachings inspire (and re-inspire!) our lives!

There are nearly 8000 more teachings to be prepared and uploaded into the archive. If you feel called to support the Pir Vilayat Archive Project going forward, there are three ways you can help help—

  1. Give financially through the donate link on the Pir Vilayat Archive Project website.
  2. Volunteer for the project by emailing Avi at pirvilayatarchive@inayatiyya.org.
  3. Stay up-to-date with the project by joining our quarterly newsletter.

 With gratitude,

Noor Amina

Chair, Inayatiyya Board of Trustees

for North America & Oceania