Help Using the PVIK Archive

Basic Search

Use the Search box at the top of any page to enter words or phrases that describe what you're looking for. (Don't forget to click the magnifying icon to begin the search.)

The archive will look for matches in titles, descriptions, and audio transcripts. If you enter more than one word, it will find every instance of each word. 

To search for an entire phrase, put it in quotation marks.

The results of your search will be listed on the Search Results page. From there, you can select the item you're interested in. 

Exploring the Archive

The Explore option opens the Explore the Archive page. It shows all the resources currently in the archive. To find a specific resource, you can use any or all of the listed Search Filters. 

To open a specific resource, select the Title link for that resource. This opens a page where you will find all the details about the resource. Refer to the next section for options on that page. 


Using the Resource Detail Page

The detail page displays the title of the selected resource and additional information based on the resource type (eg: audio vs. video).

Download a Transcript

When you click the thumbnail for a transcript, the transcript opens in PDF format. 

Browsing Collections

When you select COLLECTIONS from the menu or the Collections button on the Home page, the archive displays a list of all the current collections. You can select the thumbnail or the underlined title of a collection to see all its items.

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